Unearth Your Secret Passageway to More Energy, More Magic, and More Empowerment

A 6-Week Online Program
Beginning April 1, 2019



What lives inside of you that is longing to be expressed?

What parts of you remain hidden because of discomfort around
going into unfamiliar territory?

How often do you say “no“ or reject your creativity because
you don’t believe you’re an “artist” or for fear that what you do bring out
will be judged or rejected by others?

What if you gave yourself permission ... and a safe, compassionate space
to allow part of you to come forth?


If you're feeling a little flat, lost, disconnected, or stuck,
perhaps doing some digging and stirring the waters of your creativity in a safe space is just what you need.

If this excites you or at least piques your curiosity, read on!

This six-week online course is designed to give you just such a space...a space for exploration, for play, for curiosity, for experimentation, for truth and honesty. Permission to be real and authentic. Whether you want to express yourself with doodling, drawing, painting, words, cutting and pasting paper, or all these, the medium is a less important than the act of getting it out of you, or through you, and onto the paper.

This is an opportunity for you to feel the healing and transformative power of bringing your authentic self into expression.

There’s Power and Beauty and Magic in giving your authentic self expression. Expression is the key to depression and repression. It’s your own medicine. Even if you have to “throw up” on the page first in order to help clear the passageway, it’s all a valuable part of the process.

Awaken the Creator Being that is lying dormant within you and discover ways to:
• Create safe space within yourself and your environment
• Reduce stress

• Strengthen your Intuition and deepen your insight
• Heal issues with perfectionism, judgment, comparison
• Heal your “art wounds”
• Reduce inner criticism in favor of more self-compassion and acceptance
• Experience the liberation in making a “mess”

• Free your natural, spontaneous, creative magic
• Learn creative ways to express and transform “negative” emotions and energy
• Access and express your own authentic Beauty
• Let your creative practice become your meditation or yoga


Are you willing? bring your courage to the paper and venture into the unknown? Are you willing to show up and express yourself creatively, even if you don’t believe you’re a “artist”? Are you willing to connect with the sensuality of your creative energy? Are you willing to risk being messy or feeling like “it’s not good enough” in order to tap into your true beauty?

Are you willing to feel the constriction of your perfectionism and learn to bring your gentle compassionate heart to help soften the grip? If it’s happening when you’re creating, it’s probably happening in other areas of your life as well.

Truly, the most important thing is your willingness to simply show up.

And if you're feeling the call, I'd love for you to join me on this creative exploration together!



Here's what to expect

Each Monday, at 8/7pm (US Eastern/Central time) beginning April 1st, we'll meet together on Zoom and I'll share information and inspiration and give you a prompt and homework (holy work) for the week. (Sessions will last 75-90 minutes)

Each Thursday, I'll be available for live Q&A. (tentatively noon/11am US Eastern/Central time)

We'll have a private Facebook group where we can share what we're creating, what's coming up for us in our process, as well as witness each other (to the degree you feel comfortable sharing).

We'll wrap up our time together and celebrate Monday, May 13th.

You can go at your own pace and participate from anywhere in the world!

You'll need: An internet connection, participation on Facebook, and a few art supplies...some of which you may already have around the house. It can be really simple and I'll help with suggestions and guidance every step along the way. You'll also need to devote some time and space to yourself and your expression. This can be a few minutes each day and/or longer times, fewer days. You may find your own rhythm with this as your creativity calls you toward engagement. (All calls will be recorded in case you can't be on live.)


Your Guide


Pamela Hawkins is an artist, creative medicine woman, and intuitive guide who helps people from all walks of life to rediscover their natural creative abilities and to connect more deeply with their true self. With nearly 35 years in the field of graphic design and visual communication, Pam has helped hundreds of clients convey their messages with meaningful and elegant solutions. As a trained facilitator in Painting From the Source® and the Art of Feminine Presence®, she assists individuals in becoming fully embodied through authentic, creative, soulful expression. She’s a passionate advocate for genuine self expression and the experience you’ll have when you make the connection between your creativity and a sense of fulfillment, vitality, wealth, healing, and transformation. She’s interested in what drives us to create, as well as what stops us... in how we can evolve ourselves and creatively honor all aspects of life. Pamela combines her talent and expertise to help you creatively navigate significant life passages and bring forth your true Self in a way that is empowering, magnetically radiant, and deeply unique to you. 


What others have to say...


This program was one of the best decisions I made this year. I reconnected to a creative place within myself that set free an energy that created more peace in my life, and happiness, insane massive creativity and joy, and even more money flowed in which was so nice around the holidays. Pamela Hawkins has a very unique midwifery that is so safe and gentle, and wise and powerful. I learned some things from her within a few minutes that I will use for the rest of my life. This program is easy and not time-consuming. Its totally in a feminine flow that carries you along, and is really fun!! I totally recommend this program to you if you want something juicy that is all for YOU.
Sally Reeves-Conway, Director of Coaching, Groover Seminars


My creativity had gone flat, leaving me feeling stuck and uninspired. I longed to create a stronger connection with my authentic, essential self. I wanted to reignite my creativity, to get my head out of the way so that I could create from a space of deeper connection with Source. Along came Pamela Hawkins and her  “A Woman on Paper” course. It turned out to be the perfect path for me to take! Pam created a safe and magical space, filled with gentle, nurturing guidance that allowed me to clear blocks and reconnect with my true Self. My one on one sessions with her helped me to dive even deeper into the process to heal old wounds that were keeping me stuck. My passion and creativity have been reawakened and I can’t wait to see where they take me! Thank you Pam!
Claire Perkins, Artist and Author/Illustrator of Fallen, The Adventures of a Deep Water Leaf


I went into Pam's workshop wanting some stimulation and inspiration. I received that and so much more. I found myself opening to mediums way outside of my comfort zone, and giggling as I did it. My thought process about some abandoned projects reignited, and I met via the class some amazing heart and soul centered women. I am very grateful. And I am living proof that you can come from any background and be stimulated to create more in my life. And it was FUN.
Bobbie Martin, Resonance Repatterning teacher and practitioner


Pam is an AWESOME art medicine woman. One session with her broke something open inside me and was pivotal in helping me make the forward movement that I’d been afraid to make. Do yourself a favor - invest in yourself in a novel, creative manner.
Christina McDowell, PhD, Therapist for individuals and couples, specializing in sexuality and the creative personality


I highly recommend Pamela Hawkins to anyone that feels stuck in their life and creativity. Pam helped remove an emotional block that was paralyzing my creativity. I had only created 4 works of art within a year. Its been 15 months since I had my only session with her and I have since created over 100 works of art. She has definitely contributed to my growth, happiness, and prosperity. She has a wonderful gift. Pam can help you unlock your gifts and creativity!!
Eugenia Ortiz, fine artist, owner of Eugenia Ortiz Gallery


In 2010, a part of me cried out to slow down and explore my creative side. Enter Pam Hawkins, Art Medicine Woman. A one-to-one painting session with her proved the perfect place and safe space to start what would become a life-long journey of loving self-expression. Pam’s gentle support helped me to be present to myself and my creations, without rules or judgment. I learned from her that I am the paint, the painter, and the painting. Little did I know then how significantly my life would shift, that I would embark on my third and most authentic career. That one day I would proclaim myself artist, writer, creative entrepreneur and founder/owner of Abundance Art. Thank you, Pam. You made all the difference.
Annette Hadley, author of From Fear to Love, How Creativity Saved My Life


What Pam did was, and then I felt her incredible sense of empathy, her willingness to allow me to express myself as I went through the ring of fire, and just as I was “crowning”—her words just tipped the scale and I birthed ... ME. I have never been more me in all my life than I have been since that day.
Elizabeth Caraballo, spiritual / transformational advisor


Pam sometimes comes across as a little fairy—kind of lithe and delicate, but I know she can go to hell and back with me. Her wings are fireproof. She’s been a comforting presence in what I feel are some of my darkest and ugliest moments. Her depth of sensitivity and compassion are rare in these times. As a true evocateur, she’s helped me unblock my natural creativity ... and I am grateful.
Maureen Gorsuch, massage therapist and applied kinesiology practitioner


I reached out to Pam to walk me through her process because I wanted to prepare for my upcoming 40th birthday. We spent 3 days together online and I really don't know how to describe what transpired. It was divine and magical. I've been tapped into my creative power since. I can't recommend her program enough and it really should come with a warning that says, get ready to find out all that you are capable of!
Adriana Monique Alvarez, International business consultant and author


What You'll Receive...

• Weekly group calls, 7 total, where Pam will share inspiration, guidance, and prompts for that week's activities;

• Weekly group Q&A sessions with Pam to check in about what's coming up in your process;

• Handouts to support your journey;

• Private Facebook group for sharing and support.

Uncover Your Creative Gold

6-week Live Online Course
Pay in full


Email Pam for a 2-payment option
$200 down followed by $197 in 30 days.


Something more.

10% of your purchase will be donated equally to these two organizations doing wonderful work in the world,
so more goodness can ripple out from our time together. - Helping empower women economically. - Helping reforest the planet.



Dear Human Being,

Your creativity is important.

Your creativity matters, regardless of any messages you've received about it until now.



And it's time.

It's time to remember your creative power.

It's time for us to remember that we are Creator Beings.

Love, Pam.