I highly recommend Pamela Hawkins to anyone that feels stuck in their life and creativity. Pam helped remove an emotional block that was paralyzing my creativity. I had only created 4 works of art within a year. Its been 15 months since I had my only session with her and I have since created over 100 works of art. She has definitely contributed to my growth, happiness, and prosperity. She has a wonderful gift. Pam can help you unlock your gifts and creativity!!
— Eugenia Ortiz


“On the afternoon I participated in the painting class I was able to connect to a very deep place within myself that I can’t remember experiencing as an adult. I found myself being so immersed in the process that I actually felt as though I was all alone. It allowed me the freedom to paint from somewhere I didn’t know existed and will definitely be doing the class again.”
— Dennis Pomeroy

“I was referred to Pam by my counselor to get some experiential therapy. I was skeptical about “art therapy” since I don’t consider myself an artist. But now I can’t imagine my life without painting. Painting with Pam has been integral in my process in becoming more of my authentic self. While painting, I have found and reclaimed the creative part of myself that had been neglected for so long. I feel like a new part of me has finally found a voice. Painting has also given me the opportunity to find other creative ways besides painting to express myself. I believe that Pam is the main reason why my experience has been so amazing. She provides such a comfortable painting environment and is very supportive and reassuring of wherever I am in my process. Painting is now a necessity in my life to keep reconnecting and learning more about myself. I love it, love it, love it!”
— Deah Jackson

“Thank you so much for opening your heart and your studio space for me to create and process through painting. This was my first experience with using art to allow my subconscious to express. Who knew I had so much to say!?!?  I feel like my creative energies have been “uncorked”. Your steadfast presence and support was invaluable in my process.”
— River

Pamela is an AWESOME art medicine woman. One session with her broke something open inside me and was pivotal in helping me make the forward movement that I’d been afraid to make. Do yourself a favor - invest in yourself in a novel, creative manner.
— Christina McDowell

“Painting from the Source changed my life. At age 12 I was told, “That’s not the way a tree looks, Toni.” I never painted again. At age 60, I discovered the unstructured magic that lives within me, as in each of us—bursting forth—no judgments—no criticism—just showing up and letting it flow. With Pam’s gentle guidance I brought my inside world out. I am free to celebrate me.”
— Toni Parra

I recently did a workshop with Pam and it was transformative. Being in a safe space and encouraged to open up myself to whatever needed to come out was a wonderfully healing experience. I highly recommend everyone find out what is inside and let it surface so we can all heal. Pam can help. She is kind, gentle and a true art medicine woman.
— Lovey Jane Van Benthusen

“My experience painting with Pam allowed me to be in the present moment. I did not think about what I was going to paint, I just looked at the colors and went to those that looked attractive. I enjoyed watching what unfolded at times and felt strong emotion about what was needing to come out at other times. Looking at my painting for days afterwards usually brought in new insights as to what was going on my life at that time. For me painting is a way to get out of my head and into the present.”
 — Pamela Wagner

“If you long for quality time to stretch creatively, spiritually, and emotionally, then “Becoming” is the perfect day-long painting workshop for you. Pam’s skillful guidance and gentle grace provide the framework to help each person trust their intuitive expression, surrendering to the impulses of Source. The well-paced process created a relaxed discovery zone, inspiring me to excavate and embrace multi layers of Self that are still unfolding as I work with my painting.”
— Toby Evans

A few years ago, as a part of me cried out to slow down and explore my creative side, I was blessed to learn about a simple way to do just that. Pam’s studio and a one on one painting session proved the perfect place to start what has become a journey of loving self expression. Pam’s gentle support helped me to be present to myself and my creations, without rules or judgment. I learned from her that I am the paint, the painter, and the painting, and I continue to bring that to the canvas again and again as I grow in this wonderful new area.
— Annette Hadley


I absolutely love what Pamela Hawkins does with these kind of workshops. I did an individual session with her recently and am still feeling the effects of the loving and free connection I made with myself. And I am missing just a little bit the blue paint that was hanging around on my toes. :) I believe creativity is an essential to staying young and feeling alive. Try it, you will love it. :)
— Bobbie Martin

“I highly recommend Pam’s process painting workshop. For me it truly was a profound day of personal reflection, insights and unexpected gifts. It is a superb way to de-stress and re-charge your life.”
— Lidia Young, LSCSW
    Executive / Life Coach

I definitely enjoyed my art experience with Pamela.  I loved the idea of putting my emotions on a piece of paper and then letting the energy of the image “speak” to me.  I learned to “listen” or feel the energy of the picture to know what I need to add to it or take away.  It was a living, growing image in which I learned quite a bit about myself. Through my art I was able to work through a piece of my past history in a positive and creative way.
 — Linda Brozanic

“Although I’m a ‘trained’ commercial artist and have previously painted – Pam’s Studio In the Woods provided me a release to paint from within and not ‘perform’ for someone else. This is something I did for me.  I have noticed that since taking the workshop, I have referred back to the process often in my mind – knowing that it provided exactly what I was needing.
— Jan Tracy/ Tracy Design

“Pam provides a truly wonderful creative space that feels comfortable and safe. I completely enjoyed my experience and appreciated her insightful guidance through this process. I highly recommend it.”
— LB