Lily Embodied

Recently I celebrated turning 50!

 This is an interesting, fun, and rather surreal experience on many levels...

as entering each new decade seems to be.


As I’ve contemplated this milestone birthday,

one of the things that occurs to me is that more people on the planet

are now younger than me rather than the hour glass is turned over

and I find myself sliding toward the elders who younger people might look to

for example or guidance.



This is quite a conundrum for the little girl part of me who is still in the

proverbial wondering of what life will be like when I grow up.

Or looking to others as more accomplished, more educated,

more “together”... more something!


But other voices emerge too. 

“What if I’m already “it?!”


“If not now, when?”

What if the real purpose of life is,

rather than searching for something outside of me,

to reveal something that’s already in me, IS me?

Something that’s been there all along.


What would it feel like to fully embody my true Essential Nature?

To unlock a door perhaps or simply drop the resistance to

expressing something yearning to be free?


What if it’s enough to just stop. Breathe. And be fully present. Period.


Maya Angelou says that the 50s are about being who we are meant to be.

I really get that, but when I shared that with a young woman,

she said, “Ugh, I have to wait that long?!”



It’s never too soon or too late to be the Truth of You.

So many individuals have shared their amazing selves and

never even made it to 50.


Then again, for those of us making many trips around the sun,

there’s something to be said for aging like a fine wine,

the depth and breadth of an old oak tree,

or the maturity of the sprawling vine that regenerates itself year after year

offering hundreds of beautiful blossoms as it winds through the trees and

blankets the hillside...old and fresh at the same time.

It’s what makes an enchanted forest enchanted, after all :)


And I return to the little girl part of me and wonder.

She is probably a fount of information about my/our Natural Essence.

A sweet guardian of a raw gem that I unwittingly 

distanced myself from over the years.

I wonder what it would look like for her to beam through the heart, mind,

and body of this 50-year-old woman.


And you?

Perhaps a chat with your inner child over ice cream or a hot chocolate

would be quite revealing as well :)




 PS - This painting is a nod to some of my favorite Impressionists - Monet, Degas, and Cassatt.